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From a backyard near Duke Forest in Durham to the expansive selection you see today, Get Rooted Nursery has come a short distance but a very long way.

We started selling only a few kinds of trees: Red and green Japanese maples, Katsura and River Birch, and have several trees from that first order on our property now; the river birch that shades the park area of the nursery started out in small pots in that backyard in Durham. You may remember seeing us in the spring at the flea market in Raleigh from 2005 until 2011!

In 2007 we moved to our current location and our first mission was: log a few acres of woods and use the profit to dig a one acre pond to water the nursery, and prepare the area for the cold frames and trees.

We officially opened for business in Chatham County in 2010. Since then, our inventory has grown into the glorious selection of over 200 varieties of Japanese Maples and the many unique perennials and shrubs that you see available today.

If you have been here, we thank you.

If you have not, we look forward to seeing you!

About Get Rooted Nursery

We have over 200 varieties of Japanese Maples, and continue to add to our collection. We also have other trees that will thrive in NC, shrubs, perennials, and an ever-expanding selection of evergreens. Due to our inventory changing so frequently, our availability lists do not always represent what is actually in stock. Everything sold at Get Rooted will grow here in NC and is appropriate for our climate. If you are looking for something in particular, please call Chad at 919-357-3703.

Our Story

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