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Thank you for visiting GetRootedNursery.com!

Get Rooted has been in operation for 7 years, starting out in Orange County and opening up for business in Chatham County in 2010. As we enter the Summer of our third year at our idyllic location in Chapel Hill, we are proud to say that our reputation for having top quality and unusual plants at fantastic prices has been growing as rapidly as our facility has; in the past year alone we have increased our nursery space and expanded our inventory more than ever before- with more to come. One improvement to the nursery are the gardens and pathways we've started installing that will showcase our trees as they grow, allowing customers to see what their trees and plants are destined to be. To see photos of individual plants as well as the entire facility, check us out on Facebook!

We have over 200 varieties of Japanese Maples, and continue to add to our collection. We also have other trees that will thrive in NC, shrubs, perennials, and an ever-expanding selection of evergreens. Due to our inventory changing so frequently, our availability lists do not always represent what is actually in stock. Everything sold at Get Rooted will grow here in NC and is appropriate for our climate. If you are looking for something in particular, please call Chad at 919-357-3703.

We are located in Chapel Hill, Chatham County, just outside of downtown Carrboro. Directions on our page are accurate, but you can also find us by simply Googling "Get Rooted Nursery".

See you soon!
-Chad & Valerie


No mail order, Triangle Area NC delivery only. Please call for scheduling, delivery and large quantity rates.