Deciduous Tree Nursery


We have hundreds of different Deciduous trees for sale, both online and in the store. If you’re looking to add a new type to your yard, visit Get Rooted  Nursery today!

Deciduous trees are popular because they change color in the fall, then shed their leaves over winter. During springtime, they sprout green buds that grow into leaves throughout the summer. In autumn, these leaves turn vivid colors before falling off, leaving the bare branches behind. The tree is still alive during this time, but it’s dormant until the following year when the cycle begins again.

One of the most important factors to consider with deciduous trees is where you plan on planting them. Deciduous species need enough light and space to thrive, so make sure your yard has plenty of room before making your selection!

Some of our favorite varieties!

Acer – Maple 400+ varieties
Betula – Birch
Cercis – Redbuds 10+ varieties
Chionanthus – Fringe tree
Cornus – Dogwood
Ginkgo Maidenhair tree 10+ varieties
Hamamelis – Witch hazel
Lagerstroemia – crape myrtle
Metasequoia – dawn redwood
Prunus – flowering cherry/plum
Salix – willow
Lots more! 

Want to learn more? Feel free to leave us a message using our visitor’s form or give us a call!  Our winter hours are 10:00 AM-4:00 PM every Friday and Saturday.